Channeling the Berry…

So whilst being at home for the week its been a little difficult keeping up with uni work and other responsibilities because of loads of things (mainly just because I can’t be bothered).

The real reason for no post last friday because I went out for a friends birthday and get absolutely wasted so didn’t really find the time to write anything down so I thought that seeing as I was on holiday so have a holiday from blogging.

So a week on I was stumped for ideas on what to write about so decided to take a trip to morros (to none common folk – Morrisons) and saw a magazine with Mary Berry on it and decided to do some baking… baking over load should I say!


So bowing down the Queen of baking I went to get the ingredients but what I found out was that things are so expensive these days so decided to go for the student take on making cupcakes and opted for the cheaper alternative…


All that only cost me £8 which I think if bought all the ingredients it would have been well above £20 so thought screw it and just get these.

So the first step towards success was coffee. And lots of it.


Next you need to set your oven and by rule of thumb whack it half way and hope for the best.  Then get out the eldest cupcake tin (or unless you are not fancy get your yorky pud tin out) and set up the cup cake cases.




Next take out the space food packets passing for edible consumption and figure out what to actually do…


After, make the decision to be old school and mix it in a bowl and then regret said decision and chuck everything in an electric mixer and just wing it…


Once its all come together (some how) spoon it into the cases or if you are fancy you as hell use an ice cream scoop for easy pouring…



Then if you’re like me stop recording all the events by picture and just get on with it.

When all the cakes have been baked it was time to ice and what not so heres some pictures (some of mine were fancy as so needed a chunk to be taken out of the middle and some stuff put in then sealed back up so there was another labour I needed to do… woo.)






So thats just a cheap alternative you could all try.

As you can see another pointless post but so what.


Peace out.


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