I don’t know about anybody else, but I seem to get all of my energy to write when it’s late at night. Call it the boredom or the sudden urge not to end the day but it just seems okay to write. So rather than taking ages to write tomorrow, I thought why the hell not write now (you never know, I may write two posts oooooooo)

So the theme today, being the 1st of November (the day after Halloween for you hermits), is Death. Yes that’s correct… Death.

So typically not celebrated everywhere, but mainly in Mexican culture, Day of the Dead has the aim to bring families together in death and remember those no longer with us.

Now, personally I don’t have a lot of experience when it comes to death (call that lucky if you wish) as being very young when the closest family of mine passed away I don’t really have a memories of it. But that doesn’t stop me realising how interesting death is (I don’t mean that in a weird way… like taking pictures of dead things)

Death is in general a heavy topic, but its strange how it is dealt with. Some people either switch off completely. Some just get on with life (ironic really). Some wish to conquer it. Some wish to give into it. Some fear it.

But I suppose you deal with death in your own way.  And your way is the best way for yourself. So hold onto it. But don’t forget those who surround you.

Happy Day of the Dead.

Peace out.



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