Cousins War review…

So, being a publishing student its kind of important for me to keep reading (now you think reading is boring but trust me it keeps you head fresh… you’d be surprised)

For Christmas 2012 I got an Amazon Kindle from my parents and honestly it was one of the best presents I have had from them. It has opened me up to lots of new books and genres I wouldn’t usually read. Plus the price of printed books is pretty expensive compared to a kindle edition (but that’s just me being a tight git and not really wanting to spend a lot of money).  On the other hand I have managed to read 19 books since Christmas (no. 20 is currently being reading) and I thought that reviewing them might be a good idea.

So, currently I’m reading the Cousins War series by Phillippa Gregory which was mainly due to watching The White Queen on BBC and the nagging of a friend who is obsessed with history so thought what the hell!! I’ll read them all.

The series consists of 4 books – The White Queen, The Red Queen, The King Makers Daughter and The Lady of the Rivers.

Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 22.09.07

The series follows around the reign of the mad king – King Henry VI, and the overthrowing of his thrown by the royal house of York. What’s interesting is that each one is told from the different points of view from women.

The White Queen follows Elizabeth Woodville, said to the most beautiful woman in the whole of England, who plays with witchcraft (although never proven) and puts herself high on the wheel of fortune by marrying Kind Edward IV of York.

The Red Queen follows Margaret Beaufort, an extremely pious woman who spends most of her time on her knees (no, not in that way) and hopes to one day put her son (an extremely distant relative of the mad king) on the throne.

The King Makers Daughter follows Anne Neville, the youngest girl of the richest family in the whole of England, who is always overlooked but still wants to make herself powerful.

The Lady of the Rivers follows Jequetta of Luxembourger (later Woodville) who is the mother of the White Queen. Her story is one of love and fortune, which is a bit weird.  I read this whilst on holiday in Tenerife and it made quite a good read.

Currently I’m in the middle of The King Makers Daughter, having already read the other three.

Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 22.11.07

(in chronological order of the series)

 The Lady of the Rivers – 4/5

  • Interesting with the use of history to explain her story
  • Great to see how witchcraft was viewed and practiced
  • 2nd best of the series

The White Queen – 4/5

  • Great narrator from Elizabeth Woodville but a little predictable
  • Again good themes of power, ambition and witchcraft
  • 3rd best of the series

The Red Queen – 4/5 (really wanted to give it a 5 but something at the back of my head is saying no…)

  • Although a little bit tedious in religious ways but a great perspective to read from
  • Strong and powerful backstory of the narrator that you sympathize with
  • 1st in the series in my opinion

The King Makers Daughter – 3/5 (but that’s only because I haven’t finished it yet)

  • Narrative from a child which is interesting to read
  • Not Finished yet for will post full review of it later

I know this post has been a bit serious compared to my others but reading is a passion of mine (well when its not academic anyway!!)

This is truly a great series to read but don’t be put off by all the history (I’m not a lover of history but really got into these)

The next book in the series is kind of The White Princess, but that’s a bit different from the rest, setting place in post Plantagenet reign but its next on the list for me.

Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 22.09.17

Anyways I’m going to shut up now because I’m sounding like a late 30’s stay at home mum with nothing better to do with her life than review books and look at her kids in despair and think “I gave my life up for this?”,

Peace out.


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