Well, this posting situation is off to a great start isn’t it!!

I had promised myself to post every Friday to help keep constant content coming to my blog, but me being the laziest, most procrastinating person ever that didn’t happen. I remember on Friday constantly saying to myself “remember to post… remember…” (say that in the voice of Mufasa from The Lion King *insert tears here*) (p.s – also disgraced my laptop doesn’t have Mufasa in its dictionary and it has that annoying red squiggle underneath it).

Any way, forgive me… I’m here now (although I don’t really know who that’s aimed at as I don’t really have an audience, apart from my house mates who are under contract to read my posts, and by contract I mean knife point.)

So, today being the 27th of October (296th day of the year, only 69 days left till the end of the year, yes I know how to use Wikipedia) and according the website – – its Cranky Co-workers day, (who ever the f*ck celebrates that I take my hate off to you), any way the point is I thought it would be a good topic of conversation and I’d share some of my “cranky co-worker” experience…

Okay, well for the past couple of years I’ve worked at a fast food restaurant (that’s pretty bitchy about us using their name in our social media so ill let you guess who it is… cause at the end of the day I’m lovin it…) but I’m pretty sure everyday is Cranky Co-worker day. I think its legality in the contract you sign that you hate your job and you remind your coworkers of it everyday. I for one take pleasure in reminding my coworkers we are stuck there forever. I don’t think I make it through a shift with out hearing a million sighs or huffs of indignation of wanting to be there.  Its like its a fashion to hate your job. On the other hand, I don’t think I’d make it though my shift with out my cranky coworkers, they just brighten up my day.

Anyhow, words of advise – don’t be cranky by yourself!!! Share your crankiness (is that even a word??) spread the love!! TRUST ME!! Everyone will love it!!

Leave me with a comment telling me your “Cranky Co-worker” stories!!!

Peace out.



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