University, why the hell not!!…

Well, people usually become stuck with writing there first post but I just figured why not start from the beginning?? (Well not the very beginning but enough for you to get the general idea)

After completing your A Levels we all go down either one of two paths – work or (yet even more) education. I chose the latter and decide university, why the hell not!!

Choosing what to study is probably the hardest part and how I came up with publishing I will never know. But hey, two years later I’m sat writing this post about how it happened and now it seems right… Trying to explain why I’m studying it to my parents or grandma on the other hand is pretty tough

I don’t think I have ever got rid of the pit in my stomach that I’ve had since year 13 that fills it’s self with worry or fear of not knowing what’s next. In gothic literature there is a theme of “the unknown” creating fear, something I understood more when I went to uni. Being left in a kind of limbo where you have no idea what’s happening is horrid for anyone. On the other hand, a piece of advise I would give is take everyday as it comes.

So, now In my second year at university this is when it all get serious! Everything counts and you begin to do your own options that are more specific to your chosen subject.

I think second year is going to be the best. It’s that kind of stepping stone in university that shows you why you’re really there.

Going to university in London is probably the best decision of my life (so far anyway). You’re in the capital of England which is a pretty amazing thought and you literally have the Queen on your door step. Although saying that it’s not all peachy but I’ll get to that further down the line…

Personally I think that’s enough for now

Peace out.




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